What You Need To Know About Subaru Before You Purchase Your Vehicle

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The Subaru Boxer engine sits at the heart of every Subaru vehicle. The intelligent engineering behind Subaru’s Boxer engine provides the get-up and go you expect from a Subaru, and provides plenty of power for Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system. The flat laying engine design provides the perfect combination of balance, power and efficiency. Besides the occupants, the most important piece of your vehicle is under the hood.

While our competitors may focus on rear-seat DVD players and 11 cupholders, at Subaru our main goal is your driving experience and safety. The Subaru Boxer engine delivers, even under the most adverse conditions and still maintains the highest fuel efficiency among dedicated AWD vehicles. When you compare the Boxer to other engine styles you will quickly realize there is no comparison. You want a smooth ride with long lasting dependability. The Subaru Boxer engines’ unique design provides less vibration than our competitors. Each horizontally opposed piston cancels the vibration of the opposite piston.

Besides Subaru, only Porsche uses the unique Boxer engine style to maximize power and stability. It’s no wonder why V-Type and Inline engines in Toyota, Honda, Ford and Nissan don’t compare to the Subaru Boxer. You want your engine to last as long as possible, right? Look at the cars below. Notice how the pistons in the boxer engine on the left are always lubricated. Lubed pistons on the Boxer engine wear slower than dry starting Inline and V-type engines because there is less friction when initially starting your vehicle. Think of it like a roll-on deodorant where you have to get the ball wet by rolling it before it works. According to Subaru, the next-generation Impreza features a sharper new look, technical innovations and fuel efficiency gains.

Boasting an all-new 2.0-litre Boxer engine, the Symmetrical All-wheel Drive Subaru pumps out 148hp (110kW) at 6200rpm, while delivering fuel economy gains of around 30%. For the first time, Impreza will offer a Lineartronic 8482; Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) in addition to a six-speed manual. The new five-door Impreza has a slightly longer wheelbase than its predecessor, but is 1mm shorter and shaves12mm off the height. Exterior highlights include sharper lines, a larger cabin glass area, a hexagonal grille, and hawk-eye headlights. You can search for a Subaru Car Dealer Massachusetts on the internet these days and find some pretty reputable, professional and experienced services to deal with. They will sell older models and the New Subaru.

You can save huge amounts of time by browsing the features, benefits and specifications on the internet on these reputable sites, you no longer have to visit centers to simply inquire as you can learn everything you want to know from the comfort of your own home. You can now even purchase your preferred Subaru online, it is recommended that you test drive the car you wish to purchase before hand, then you will know for certain whether the new Subaru or older Subaru models are right for you. Then head over to the reputable, trusted and professional website and purchase your new Subaru for a great price.

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