What You do Not Know About Car Tires

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Your preoccupation might be to drive your cars without minding the necessary information you need to know about them. It is not enough to own a car. It is not even enough to be a car driver. You must have an up-to-date knowledge about car tires. This knowledge could range from the simplest one like the date of manufacturing down to the more complex tire knowledge like the necessary signs and marks on the tire that you need to look out for. Knowing the necessary details about car tires will ensure safe driving.

Tires are manufactured to suit different seasons. There are those which are good for summer while others are good for winter, spring, or any other season. These all have unique features that make them more suitable for a particular season. Making use of them in a particular season might make the car tire wear out. Some are manufactured to suit all seasons.

Some tires are marked with M+S which signifies mud and snow. These are made in a special way for the spring and winter weather. These are suitable for these two weather conditions. All tires bear a code that is alphanumerical (e.g., 179/71R12 84T). The purpose of this is to specify the ways in which they work. Such include the width in millimeters and other characteristics which you must consider before you buy a tire.

These considerations are very necessary especially when there is the need to buy new tires. The letters will help you have an idea of how the tires will respond to a particular speed condition. E.g., take G to mean that these should not go beyond the speed of 180km/h, while the Y letter indicates that the tires should not go beyond the speed limit of 150km/h. the possibility of driving to the extent of not reaching the indicated speed limit cannot be over-ruled. At least you have the knowledge of the speed limit, which is very important for your safety.

When the indicator is higher, your tires will become more stable with firm grip on the road, as a result of the rigidity of the tire. You will pay more because of the higher speed rating of your tire. But, when the speed rating is low, you will pay less.

You will surely opt to pay less because of the low speed indication, but consider the negative effect of accidents that could occur, which could be the result of a loosened grip of the tires on the road. Nonetheless, it is always good to choose and maintain the speed indicator as recommended by the car manufacturer.

Lastly, before you buy new tires, you should know how many kilometers you could drive in a year and your budget for the tire purchase. You should be able to know whether you prefer those that produce a silent ride or those that produce a sound that is heard. All these will help you in buying new tires. So, learn these quality indicators and get your sedan the best pair of wheels.

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